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Below is a list of frequently asked questions we get about the AD 2000™. Chances are one or more of your questions could be answered here.

Am I going to save any money with this?
Tell me about the warranty.
How long have you guys been in business?
How much does it cost?
I've got (fill in the blank) buildings, how much will it cost then?
Will I save money if I install it myself?
My tenants are "Stove Burners" how will this effect it?
Do I need to adjust for daylight savings time and leap years?
What software do I need to communicate with my AD 2000?
Can I use my Mac to communicate with the AD 2000?
I'm locked out of the programming sections.
Will I lose all my settings if there is a power failure?
The green heat call light is on, but my boiler isn't.
What's this Quick-Set screen and how do I use it?
The display reads "System Off", what does this mean?
The display keeps changing, how can I make it stop?
The display reads "System Bypassed", what does this mean?
I want to add more sensors, can I?
Do I need a dedicated phone line to use remote communication?
temperature controls, heating systems and boilers

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